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Another Florida Homeowner Suffers Pre-Foreclosure House-Trashing; Cops To Victim: Don’t Bother Us, It’s A ‘Civil Matter!’

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Its never a laughing matter to change locks and throw out people’s belongings, but we had to do it tens of thousands of times. Its not our place to judge who is right and wrong in these situations. Often times we refused to trash out properties that didnt meet all the guidelines we determine to be a legal eviction.

A prompt review of the 14 day pre foreclosure Notice and investigation regarding the securitization aspects of the case can result in the filing of a lawsuit and request for TRO if all terms have not been complied with or the documents provided do not establish the right to foreclose.

The Home Equity Theft Reporter: St. Pete Loan Officer In More Hot Water police beat amber thomas, 23, of Chicago, was charged with retail theft for allegedly taking 24 items of food and clothing worth $111.42 from Walmart, 2500 W. 95th St., at 5:08 p.m. Sept. 3.

ten to those who have "deep pockets." Florida laws don’t seem to concern them, traffic corri-dors, no matter how overextended, don’t seem to bother them, changing "wetlands rules" don’t seem to bother them and changing land rules don’t seem to bother them. They even allow developments that pay no attention to the basics, like access for fire.

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Don’t wait for any notification, as the banks are extremely corrupt, and routinely violate the law, the rules of procedure, and may not notify you at all, hoping you will not find out a document was filed until its too late for you to oppose it.. In Florida its 5 years. You may be able to.

The procedural railroading of homeowners in civil courts battling a criminal conspiracy and racketeering operation conducted by banks and foreclosure firms is a tough battle in a civil court. Judges taking notice of unauthenticated documents and summarily dismissing homeowner claims without evidentiary hearings is a constitutional violation.

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