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My Southern California News Group colleague Susan Shelley encapsulated. planning rules to force us to live like ants on a hill. The debate over Wiener’s bill is, on the surface, about housing.

Yep. Rent. Or, as your uncle might say, "paying someone else’s mortgage." The decision to rent or buy depends entirely on your personal circumstances. If you’re sure you’ll live in the same place for.

Which group. to pay my rent, how to reapply for my teaching job every year, how to afford my energy bills even though I have eliminated most of my energy use, and how I could apply for a loan and.

Bill Stoller, author of REITs 4 Alpha: Great question. REITs are not a fungible group. housing and nursing homes can have initial lease terms of 10 years or more. They are often viewed as being.

We may expect to save money over the long term by buying a home rather than renting, but we shouldn’t (typically) expect to earn money from buying a home. So, a home normally shouldn’t be considered an investment, but it may offer some financial benefits. In other words, buying a home may be a good financial decision, but not a good investment.

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The Great housing debate: buying vs Renting With the tide in the market shifting and homeownership levels at 50-year lows, one could assume that changing financial considerations dictate that the average consumer would have a greater incentive to rent.

This credit does not apply if the first time home buyer is buying a home from a relative. This tax credit is only available for purchases made between April 9, 2008 and July 1, 2009 for adjusted gross incomes of up to $75,000 ($150,000, if married, filed jointly) and phases out up to $95,000 ($170,000, if married, filed jointly).

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The rent is too damn high-so each year congress appropriates. each year in federal tax credits intended for developers of low-income housing. He has used this position to great effect, steering.

No one suggested I should spend even more money buying a masters degree, and absolutely no one suggested. by the PM than a young couple whose parents are still renting? Menzies saw housing policy.

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